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  • Functional Strength Training

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About Elevate
What We Do

We focus on functional strength training, in efforts to increase clients’ ability to partake in a variety of physical movements, exercises, and activities of daily living safely and vigorously without pain or injury.

Workout Strategy
How We Do It

We work with a variety of modalities to accomplish this goal. Light-weight kettlebells are preferred due to their incredible versatility, but also we implement Spinning bikes, TRX, pull-up bars, stability balls, and more!

Exercise is Key
Why We Do It

Exercise is one of the most effective instant happiness-boosters of all activities. Even a single session can improve mood. Gratitude is one of the most powerful interventions for well-being.

How We're Different
Than Other Gyms
This is a non-ego based environment. You will experience a supportive, eclectic group of people who are there to support, encourage, and bring out the best in each other. We laugh, we have fun, and always train hard.


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