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  • Functional Strength Training

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About Elevate
What We Do

We focus on functional strength training, in efforts to increase clients’ ability to partake in a variety of physical movements, exercises, and activities of daily living safely and vigorously without pain or injury.

Workout Strategy
How We Do It

We work with a variety of modalities and disciplines to ensure fitness. Light-weight kettle bells, dumbbells, TRX, pull-up bars, stability balls, bands, spin bikes, yoga, Pilates, floor exercises, and more are implemented to create strength, endurance and flexibility.

Exercise is Key
Why We Do It

Movement is the key. Humans are designed for daily, vigorous activity. Every single physiological function of your body is enhanced with physical activity. Simply, you look and feel better (plus your jeans will fit better!).

How We're Different
Than Other Gyms
This is a non-ego based environment. You will experience a supportive, eclectic group of people with diverse fitness levels who are there to support, encourage, and bring out the best in each other. We laugh, we have fun, and always train hard.


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