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Functional Strength Training

Functional Strength Training

Our Classes Specialize In:

  • Support for functional fitness using a variety of modalities including kettle bells, dumbbells, TRX, body weight exercises and spinning, all in one class.
  • Emphasis on proper form and alignment; We don't strengthen imbalance, we align and then strengthen.
  • Each workout is filled with basic movements such as pulling, pushing, lunging and squatting with an emphasis on building core strength.
  • Classes are always changing so you don't get bored.
  • Classes change in emphasis, so some classes are strength based, some are designed to focus on postural health and some are designed for cardio fitness.
  • Classes have a combination of all fitness levels so that modifications are provided to fit everyone's needs.
  • We promote long term wellness and design workloads that are sustainable for the human body.  We prouldy promote an injury free studio!
  • Save your joints and muscles by gaining strength and flexibility in a non-competitive environment.